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Mike Rogers, Serviceplan Health & Life, war Präsident bei der 1. Healthcare Kategorie von Eurobest 2015.

Presidents Message:

"At last, a dedicated healthcare category at Eurobest. Arguably one of the most consequential areas in advertising, Healthcare creativity deals not with luxury items such as chocolates or perfumes, but with life-saving medication and the well being of millions. The weight of this responsibility manifests in the form of legal restrictions and severely cautious clients in an industry where trust is everything. This makes healthcare one of the most challenging sectors in the

creative world. Yet through these tight binds, inspiring creativity is born and astonishing work materializes. Now at Eurobest health, those works will be recognised and honoured. As a Jury member of the very first Cannes Health Lions in June 2014, it was a joy to see how awe-inspiring and life changing, healthcare creativity from around the globe can be. Now, In December 2015 I feel extremely fortunate to be able to preside over the debuting Eurobest healthcare jury, where I’m sure we’ll see work from Europe’s best and brightest creatives pushing the envelope in the ever-growing world of healthcare communication."

Mike Rogers

Team Business Development

Team Business Development

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